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Pallet Selections excels in providing a wide range of products in the plastic pallets and reusable collapsible container industry. We are a leading provider of industrial, packaging and shipping materials to various businesses across North America. Our company is a family-owned business operating from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.

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We offer the best services possible by making it prompt and easy for our customers. While dealing with us, you never have to worry about waiting on a salesperson. You can contact us whenever you want and we’ll get to you straight away. We have an exceptional inventory which is filled with products from leading manufactures that are among the leading names of the industry. Our inventory includes collapsible containers, used collapsible containers, refurbish collapsible containers, knock down containers, extended length containers and top caps to fit all our collapsible containers from the big organizations such as Arca, Ropak, Buckhorn, Schaefer, Orbis, Monoflo. We ship products from various locations.


State-of-the-Art Designs

Our plastic containers are manufactured for bearing all sorts of hardships and severities that the process of shipping heavy products brings. These plastic containers are reusable and deliver top quality performances for longer periods. They are considered ideal for various purposes such as distribution, storage, stack loading, and shipping. They have high-tech designs which make them smooth and easily cleanable. They are made using materials which are 100% recyclable. Therefore, they offer economic and ecological solutions.

Our state of the art methods and services allow business owners to define all of their material handling requirements. After carefully understanding the needs of our customers, we offer our expertise to come up with products which are specifically optimized to meet these requirements. Despite all of these technicalities, our plastic collapsible containers remain efficient in performances and cost-effective in prices.

Reusable Plastic Collapsible Containers and Used Bulk Containers

Pallet Selections offers you several solutions with our plastic collapsible containers and used collapsible containers. We can do so by saving you considerable sum of money by offering you our used, reconditioned, refurbished and extended length collapsible containers.

We offer new and used collapsible containers and refurbish collapsible containers all available in good to mint condition. They deliver optimum results for all sorts of operations including in-house or closed-loop systems. They offer sustainable and durable alternatives to wooden containers.

The Qualities of Our Products

For numerous years, large wooden or metal crates were utilized for the purpose of shipping goods from one area to another either by sea, railway, air or road. It happened only recently that a number of companies started preferring plastic collapsible containers over wooden or steel crates. This decision was due to a number of disadvantages which wooden crates were causing. As a result, plastic collapsible containers are quick to take over the shipping industry.

We also deliver top quality refurbished, reusable, used, pallet containers which enable our customers to enjoy numerous benefits. Some of the most recognizable qualities of our products are listed below:


The primary benefit of these pallets is their endurance. They are highly durable as compared to wooden crates and as a result, enable the shipper and the receiver both to enjoy a number of benefits.

These plastic containers don’t splinter. While wooden crates are prone to splintering while they are being shipped, plastic reusable containers are immune to such safety hazards for handling and don’t get messy at all. Plus, more importantly, splinters are prone to damaging the goods contained within the pallets, which are actually meant to be protected! Comparatively, plastic is a very cohesive material which is highly unlikely to chip while being transported regardless of the severity. You don’t have to worry about large splinters while using plastic shipping containers.

The higher the durability of a container, the more money it saves for the shipper or receiver. Their cost efficiency is a benefit which is undeniable! Plastic collapsible containers can be used for longer periods whereas wooden pallets are prone to breaking apart sooner comparatively.


Apart from being highly durable, these collapsible containers also are advantageous in terms of accommodation as they can store various kinds of goods within a single unit. A majority of these containers come along with dividers of varying sizes, which enable the pallet to adapt the goods that business owners wish to deliver through shipping.

The flexible measures these products offer also include opportunities of considerable savings in terms of transportation expenses. Where wooden crates require being stacked in a specific way once they are empty, plastic knock down containers are nestable and can fit into smaller areas. This means they require less room while being transported back, i.e. fewer trips and lower costs! You might want to try our refurbished collapsible containers, pallet containers, reusable collapsible containers to get an idea of what we’re talking about.


Environmental Impact

Lastly, try to picture the environmental benefits our products can deliver to your company! It might be true that plastic breaks at a comparatively slower rate, but this further strengthens the argument that plastic is a better material when it comes to pallet containers as the slower breaking rate means these products are more durable! Another benefit of plastic collapsible containers is that they can be made from recycled materials and can be put to use over and over for longer periods.

We deliver sustainable and reusable solutions for all sorts of storage, distribution and shipping applications. We have ecological products which are manufactured with high-tech measures. Thanks to the services of our experts, you can save up considerable amount of money on these products as well as help the environment by going green.

Pallet Selections provides an extensive array of top quality collapsible containers, both new and used, all at highly affordable rates. Our vast range of products includes all sorts of Conainters including Used Plastic Shipping Containers, Reusable Collapsible Containers, Used Collapsible Containers, Knock Down Containers, as well as Refurbished Collapsible Containers. We also provide used containers which are refurbished and refined to look and perform at their very best. Regardless of your requirements, you will find all sorts of collapsible container in our range which will prove to be more than enough for your necessities. And better yet, if you can’t seem to find the collapsible containers which you are looking for in our range then you can let us know about your specifications and we’ll make sure we optimize one of our products to make sure it fits to your needs!

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