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Pallet Selections excels in providing a wide range of products in the pallet and reusable plastic bulk container industry. We are a leading provider of industrial, packaging and shipping materials to various businesses across North America. Our company is a family-owned business operating from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.

There is a vast array of products included in our selection, such as new collapsible containers, used collapsible containers, light duty pallets, gaylord boxes, oneway pallets, nestable pallets, super sacks, reusable containers, bulk containers, reusable packaging, plastic pallets and totes as well as metal storage bins at amazing rates. These products are all ready for shipment.

We offer the best services possible by making it prompt and easy for our customers. While dealing with us, you never have to worry about waiting on a salesperson. You can contact us whenever you want and we’ll get to you straight away. We have an exceptional inventory which is filled with products from household manufacturers that are among the leading names of the industry. Our inventory has plastic collapsible containers from big organizations such as Arca, Ropak, Buckhorn, Schaefer, Orbis, Monoflo as well as Triple Diamond Plastics. We ship products from a variety of locations.

If you are looking to purchase any of these products then you don’t need to search any further. Call us to find out more now! Our number is 1-877-598-5885You can also enquire about a shipping quote.

Looking for Durable Pallets and Containers?

We are the leading choice for a great majority of businesses in the packaging and shipping industry. This is due to the fact that we offer unparalleled services for the field of pallets and reusable plastic bulk containers. Our exceptional and highly dedicated services have won us a remarkable reputation and earned us the prestigious title of being the leading distributor of packaging, industrial and shipping materials to numerous businesses operating across the North American continent.

We distribute collapsible containers and pallets for various industries across the globe. Our distributions thus far, have reached agricultural, food processing and industrial applications worldwide. Regardless of your requirement for using pallets or containers, we offer you top quality services. Whether you need these products to ship automotive parts in-plant, or food processing applications which require USDA-approved pallets, our products will suffice.

Utilizing our products, you will realize that they are capable of delivering a surprising level of quality along with result-oriented performances. With the promise of delivering your business cost effective benefits unlike any other distributor of the industry, we offer services that remain unmatched.

This is due to the fact that we utilize HDPE structural foam materials for manufacturing our plastic pallets and ensure our products are engineered to withstand all sorts of tests of time. Our pallets are extremely strong yet surprisingly lightweight. They offer completely reusable solutions and boast an increased lifespan. These pallets and containers are capable of providing superior corrosion resistance without the tension of maintenance as they virtually do not require any sort of maintenance.

We have been serving the industry with our high quality products for more than 15 years. This is why we boast impressive specialization techniques that produce plastic products from recycled materials. All of these qualities can be found in abundance in our packaging pallets and containers, all thanks to our experience and expertise. Ever since the inception of our company, our top priority has been preserving natural resources and looking after the environment of our planet. This has always been a decisive feature of our corporate policy from day one and it is clearly evident in our products as well.

We Provide Refurbished Collapsible Containers

Our target is to deliver used collapsible containers of the finest quality at rates which are affordable for all. To achieve this target, we make sure each of our products faces a rigorous inspection followed by a complete repair process. We assure you that our containers are tested and inspected for any underlying damages, repaired with manufactures components, checked for quality and functionality, as well as pressure washed.

Do you want your containers to be repaired? Pallet Selections also provides a unique repair program for all of our clients who are running on tight budgets and looking to save money. We make this possible by following a simple process. We take damaged collapsible containers from our clients and send them back the same amount of decent refurbished containers. If you send us collapsible containers which are damaged, then we’ll make sure that:

1.       Each collapsible container that you send is checked for damage.

2.       Each collapsible container goes through a repairing process with manufactures components.

3.       The collapsible containers which are incapable of being repaired are exchanged with used containers.

Are you looking to lay your collapsible containers to waste? Do not do so as we are willing to pay top dollar for all sorts of collapsible containers, whether damaged or unwanted. We will also pay you the freight cost!

Our Wide Variety of Pallets

A pallet is a flat structure used for transportation purposes. It is capable of supporting goods and delivers stability despite being lifted by various methods such as forklift, front loader, work saver, pallet jack or other devices used for jacking. Technically, it is a structural base of a unit load which is well capable of enabling handling and boosting storage efficiency. Containers used for the transportation of goods or shipping mostly make use of pallets for shipment purposes.

Although there are a wide variety of materials used for pallets such as wood, paper, and plastic, there is no doubt that plastic and recycled materials yield the most environmentally friendly, cost effective and highly efficient pallets.

Various Types of Pallets

Searching across the Internet, you will find that all sorts of pallets exist and come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. But generally, all pallets are found in two categories which are very broad. These categories are namely, block pallets and stinger pallets. They are designed with a variety of highly modernized software packages which assist us in manufacturing pallets as per the specifications of our clients. These specifications include various requirements such as size of pallet and specific amount of load that is to be carried, etc.

Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets utilize a frame of up to three or even more pieces of timber which are parallel. These pieces are called stringers. The deckboards at the top are further affixed to these pieces to establish the structure of the pallet. These kinds of pallets may include a notch cut into them to enable a four way entry.

Block Pallets

Block pallets are also called Manoj pallets. They are generally better in terms of strength as compared to stringer pallets. They use both perpendicular and parallel stringers in order to facilitate better and efficient handling. These pallets are often referred to as four way pallets as well, due to the fact that a pallet-jack is sometimes used from sides to move them.

Perimeter Base Pallets

Both stringer and block pallets include “undirectional bases”. This means that the bottom boards are oriented in a single direction. While automated handling tools may be created for this reason, most of the times they can work faster and efficiently if the pallet’s edges at the bottom include bottom boards having both directional orientations. For instance, it might not be required to turn a pallet in order to rack it, and thus operation becomes less sensitive regardless of pallet orientation.

The Specialties of Our Pallets

When it comes to our plastic pallets, we ensure a controlled coefficient of friction which helps prevent these products from slipping from racks and forks. These are all highly durable and can be handled quite easily by automated tools. They also have the added benefits of strength and rigidity. Furthermore, we carry out sufficient inspections to assure our clients that there is nothing to worry about in terms of quality as our pallets and containers are all of the highest quality.

Other than these we also offer Plastic Shipping Pallets, Rackable Pallets, One-Way Pallets, Light Duty Pallets and Nestable Pallets.

We Excel In Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are manufactured using new HDPE. These products are well known for their durability, as they can last for up to a hundred trips or sometimes even more. They are resistant to rot, weathering, corrosion as well as chemicals. Mostly, they stack. Our range of plastic pallets consists of 4048 Plastic Pallets, folding bulk containers, collapsible pallet containers, used pallet containers and used collapsible containers as well as collapsible plastic containers.

For biosafety reasons, our plastic pallets don’t require inspection. They are easily sanitized if international shipping is required. Toxic chemicals and harmful agents can all be cleaned from these pallets quite easily because of the fact that HDPE is impervious to a majority of acids. Further, we also make collapsible plastic pallets in order to store heavier equipment for longer periods. These products are ideal for logistics service providers because of the fact that they deliver promising profits thanks to their stackability and durability.

As people are realizing that plastic pallets are more advantageous as compared to wooden pallets, the larger supply chains have begun increasing use of these products in order to reduce their expenses considerably by minimizing various costly procedures such as waste, transport and health & safety.

It is clearly evident that excessive usage of wood is very harmful for the planet. There is no doubt in the fact that plastic pallets are highly eco friendly products. Did you know that every 15 wood pallets that you eliminate from your system, helps you save one tree? Eliminate all your wood pallets now and replace them with our plastic pallets! Play your role in making the planet green.

Additional Benefits of Our Plastic Pallets

There is doubt when it comes to the fact that plastic pallets deliver unmatchable benefits. Some of the additional advantages that you can enjoy from our plastic pallets include eco friendliness and complete recyclability (it is not required to remove nails). These products are by far the best choice for Sustainable Product Initiative. They are well capable of decreasing disposals and landfill expenses. Furthermore, they are made from Nestable designs to ensure higher efficiency when it comes to storage.

Our plastic pallets are available with non-skid decks and safety lips. They weigh considerably less as compared to wood pallets. As a result of being made from plastic, they decrease your injury woes as they don’t have any splinters. You can also benefit from uniformity for automated systems as it enhances ‘up time’ and decreases the chances of jamming.  Moreover, they are highly capable of meeting sanitary requirements as needed for food applications. And if you’re wondering about pharmaceutical applications, these products have this aspect covered as well as they also reduce risk of contamination. You don’t even require document for export applications with these products.

We have plastic pallets and containers which are specifically optimized to match up to the requirements and necessities of our clients. There is no doubt that we always put the needs of our customers first because we understand that an exceptional customer service is the most crucial factor when it comes to establishing a successful business. We assure you that with our help you will receive the products which you desire at reasonable prices, plus complete peace of mind because of the fact that our products answer all of your specifications and requirements.

It is evident that when it comes to specific applications, we manufacture plastic pallets and containers that are made of virgin plastic material and created using the most high tech and state of the art procedures. For this reason, these high quality products have price tags that are completely justifiable.

However, we understand that there are all sorts of businesses out there in the shipping industry, and this is why we make sure we cater to all of their needs. This is why we also offer solutions for those clients who are on a tight budget. Most of the products in our range are manufactured from recycled plastic material, offering environmentally friendly results along with cost effective prices at the same time. If you cannot afford our high end products then our economical products are certainly the best and most preferable alternative for you.

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